Thursday, December 13, 2018

Wrapping Up our Unit on Electric Energy with Robinson Electric! 

Our PDS fourth graders had the BEST day with Mr. Brian Robinson (better-known as "Hailey’s dad") learning all about the history, development, materials, and equipment of the world of electricity.  He walked our students through the development of the light bulb--from Thomas Edison’s filament bulbs, to fluorescent bulbs and their dangers, to the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that we rely on today.  We put our hands on conductors and discussed which ones are most effective (and cost-effective) then felt the insulators that protect us from the flow of an electric current. Mr. Brian showed us the effects of overloaded circuits on outlets and what the 100,000 volts of electricity in a lightning bolt can do to our Delta dirt! 

Thank you, Mr. Brian, for sharing with us today--and  for the Robinson Electric goodie bag and LED bulbs!!

...and thank you, Hailey, for sharing your dad with us!!

Friday, November 30, 2018

In the words of Thomas Edison, "Never Underestimate the Power of Persistence."

Our fourth graders had a BLAST building series and parallel circuits with just a file folder, aluminum foil, Christmas lights, a battery, glue, electrical tape, and a brass fastener. 

These mini-electricians learned first-hand the frustration of the smallest break in a circuit, but they were persistent and worked together to have bright lights shining all over our classroom! 

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

We’re Wired for Science! 

We began a new chapter in science this week and are VERY excited about exploring electricity, circuits, conductors, insulators, resistors, and more!  These students came to 4th grade with lots of prior knowledge on this topic, so we jumped right in and started building our own circuits, testing various materials to discover whether or not they allow an electric current to flow freely. 

Then one idea sparked another... 

...and another.. 

...and SEVERAL others! 

We decided to connect all our circuits, giving Mrs. Brown the perfect opportunity to help us discover the difference between series and parallel circuits.  The students were shocked to find out most Christmas lights were once made on a series circuit, and they’ll make sure you choose some on a parallel circuit when purchasing new stands of lights this holiday season! 

A Special Visit from a Special Veteran

What a special treat it was having Major/Pastor/"James’s Dad" Seth Still visit our students this week to share about his experience in Afghanistan with the U.S. Air Force and his continued service as Chaplain for the Air National Guard.  Using a catchy acronym we can hold on to forever, he taught our 4th graders about ways we can celebrate, support, and honor our veterans each and every day. 

James, we think you have a REALLY awesome dad! 

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Fall Field Trips! 

Stop 3: Harvest Fest at the Mississippi Museum of Agriculture and Forestry!

Our PDS 4th and 5th graders took a quick trip to the early 1900s and caught a glimpse of Mississippi’s past and the impact of agriculture on our state and nation. We enjoyed hot biscuits and bottled sodas from the town general store, took a quick visit to the doctor’s office and explored his backyard herb garden, held chickens and pet horses, watched live demonstrations in the print shop, blacksmith’s shop, cotton gin, and more--what a blast we had being part of Harvest Fest in Small Town Mississippi!